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In fact we’ve made quite an impact already, probably without you realising it.

Some of Axiom’s achievements
In case you didn’t know it...

  • We are the PR team behind the ‘drink 8-glasses of water a day’ campaign, overseeing the rise in the industry’s UK sales from 795m litres in 1996, when our campaign launched, to 2.2 billion litres in 2005.

  • We are the PR team that boosted the number of local authorities recycling aerosols from 7 per cent to 75 per cent through our work for BAMA.

  • We were the team that put a stop to mental health problems being the taboo subject that they were, by putting the charity SANE on the map, with the help of its Patron HRH The Prince of Wales.

  • We are the PR team that is currently promoting the sustainability and provenance of British Bottled Waters, a sector that is enjoying a 5 per cent lead in growth over imported competitors.

  • We were the team that over a six year period ensured that Bellway plc was rarely out of the national news.

  • And we’re the people who have handled preventive PR so sleekly and discreetly for a major trade association, that journalists from a leading publisher now check facts rather than printing hearsay. It’s quite an achievement, we like to think.

    At Axiom, we’re especially strong on ‘green’ issues, health and scientific matters as well as provenance and regionality. We’re often called upon to comment in the media about the topics that matter, especially well-being and environmental sustainability.