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At Last...the Black Book Of Gin Cocktails Launches

Posted on 19 October 2018

I’ve been so pleased this week that a book I conceived and edited in the first half of this year has finally launched. Gratifyingly, it seems to have been so warmly received by those who have seen it so far. It’s an exclusive edition and you won’t be able to buy one but there will be chances to win one.

The Black Book of Gin Cocktails celebrates the 10th anniversary of our client, Brockmans Gin.

I had the joy of working on this with a fantastic team: our clients Bob Fowkes and Laura Motson; Andy Hill and Sasha Westbrooke, on the creative and design side, both from Andy Hill Associates; using photography mainly produced by Phil Silcock; and with the fantastically professional editorial services of the team from Toucan Books Ltd, led by Ellen Dupont with input from Julie Brooke and Dave Jones. My thanks to them all

It’s a glorious thing: lavishly illustrated, this ‘book of the night’ contains a collection of exquisite gin cocktails, all inspired by the packaging and unique taste of Brockmans.

We included notes on some of the world’s best bars, restaurants and hotels in the UK, Spain and the USA.

Mixing a cocktail is of course just part of the joy of the experience; presentation matters and so we included some thoughts on making garnishes, glassware, straws and even ice. It contains a Foreword by Brockmans’ co-founders: CEO Neil Everitt and Marketing Director Bob Fowkes who created this delicious gin.

There will be opportunities to win a copy of this book so follow Brockmans on social media. Cheers.

ISBN 978-1-903435-04-5

E: jo@axiom-uk.com

Two International Awards For Axiom Client

Posted on 27 October 2017

We are proud this week as our work attracted two awards – both for topics that are important to us: hydration and sustainability.

We worked with our long-standing client, the British Water Cooler Association, to come up with an additional way to promote the sustainable nature of the sector and also a means of promoting healthy hydration. The hard work has paid off as earlier this week our client won first prize in two prestigious Aqua Awards – the international awards scheme run by Watercoolers Europe (WE).

The categories BWCA entered were:

  1. * Promotion of Health & Hydration – first prize
  2. * Environmental Practice/Green Initiative – first prize

Votes for all five categories came from a combination of the votes from the WE jury, the National Association jury and votes from the website.

The Health & Hydration Award recognised the benefits of a series of 6 Hydration Fact Sheets produced by the BWCA for various professions, advising them on hydration, safety and standards and the need to choose an accredited BWCA member for guarantees of safety and standards. We created information sheets for those looking after children; for construction workers; those running hotels; people and people in food service and catering sectors; people in spas and salons; and those in the public sector.

The second accolade, the Best Environmental Practice/Green Initiative Award, recognised the value to the sector of the ‘5 for 5 Pledge’ – a scheme which asks Members to improve still further over five areas – Environment, Water Management, Social, Financial and Workplace, including employee well-being. The Pledge is designed to encourage not only improvements but to celebrate what is already being done in these categories so that others can seek inspiration and companies can demonstrate to customers just how sustainable the sector is.




Cpl Aromas Appoints Axiom Communications

Posted on 07 August 2017

Axiom Communications has been appointed by the world’s largest fragrance only fragrance house,

CPL Aromas to assist the group with its public relations.

Earlier this year, Axiom Communications assisted the company in the re-launch of its brand.

the consultancy has considerable experience of the fragrance industry having worked with IFRA UK for several years, helping establish its annual Fragrance Forum, which has become a well-known symposium bringing together the science and art of fragrance creation. Axiom has also worked for the global association, IFRA.

Jo Jacobius, Director of Axiom Communications, said: “We will be supporting CPL’s centres around the world. This is one of the most exciting and dynamic companies in the sector, offering fine fragrance creation and unique technologies that are designed ignite the imaginations of those who experience the finished results”.

Francis Pickthall, Director of CPL Aromas, said: “I am sure that our association with Axiom Communications will help us to communicate with wider audiences about the array of fragrance, fashion, sustainability and CSR programmes which the company runs”.




For further information please contact

Jo Jacobius

020 8347 8206 




Just A Drop Of Kindness Goes A Long Way

Posted on 22 March 2017

They say good deeds inspires other to do good deeds. We saw the proof of this last year when we helped our client, the trade association The British Water Cooler Association (BWCA) to launch its first charitable giving programme.

We reviewed the options and the BWCA’s General Manager and Axiom recommended that the charity we should support for the first year of our CSR programme was the water and sanitation cause, Just A Drop. We promised that in a year we’d try to raise enough money to fund a borehole in Africa giving a village access to clean safe water for the first time.

A year was the target; BWCA achieved the target – and more – in just one day.

The Association’s boss managed to persuade the Members to give generously for the auction. The next example of good deeds multiplying was on the evening of the BWCA auction. Spotting that we were slightly adrift of our first funding target, several Members who were generously offering holidays, boat rides, a pub crawl in a military tank (yes, really) and other treats generously doubled their offers – and the Members bid on these new prizes enthusiastically. We met, and beat, the target.

That wasn’t the end of this good deed ripple effect. Several companies ran fund-raising events on their stalls at the trade show and others decided to ‘adopt’ the charity. Imaginative schemes for fundraising have burgeoned and include giving a drystone wall, running a marathon and, for a trio or co-workers, taking part in a triathlon.

We’re now continuing the fundraising to create a second borehole for another village about 30kms away from the first one.

This and the numerous other projects that Just a Drop so brilliantly organises transforms lives. Clean water saves lives, but it does so much more. Without the long walk, several times a day, to collect water, women living in these villages can work productively; children can attend school; and general health improves dramatically. Clean water and sanitation = good health.

We’re proud to have been one of the catalysts for this programme and we congratulate BWCA and Just A Drop on the transformations their partnership is creating.

- www.justadrop.org
- www.bwca.org.uk

Axiom On The Scent Of A Good Story

Posted on 21 March 2017

Axiom is working with CPL Aromas, the world’s largest ‘fragrance only’ fragrance house and recently had the opportunity to sniff out a good story and help bring it to the attention of a worldwide audience.

The BBC recently featured disability in the workplace. Its #DisabilityWorks initiative looked at how employers - with creativity and imagination - can enable those with disabilities to play a valuable role in the workplace, bringing employment opportunities and dignity to those who often have most need for such opportunities. CPL Aromas is an excellent example of good practice. CPL Aromas undertook research to establish whether those with visual impairments have an enhanced sense of smell; found that to be the case in many instances and published the findings in a scientific paper; and then set up a training programme, the College of Fragrance for the Visually Impaired (COFVI) in Mumbai, India.

We’re proud to say that BBC Worldwide Television News, BBC World Radio and BBC Business Live all featured CPL as part of the week-long series about disability in the workplace.

BBC World News featured the story on the news bulletins during the whole of Monday 20 February. Later that week, BBC Business Live interviewed Angela Stavrevska, CPL Aromas’ UK Creative Director and Perfumer. She spoke about the company’s initial work, together with others, explaining that this initiative has led to employment for people who, due to their impaired sight, have developed an enhanced sense of smell – a sense giving them skills ‘highly valued’ by the fragrance industry. COFVI has so far trained 14 people, 8 of whom are in employment in various companies the fragrance industry including CPL Aromas.

On BBC Business Live’s ‘Inside Track’, Angela Stavrevska encouraged presenters Sally Bundock and Aaron Heslehurst to smell some of her company’s unique ‘Aromafusion’ fragrances. Later, Axiom arranged for the local radio station, Three Counties Radio, to interview two CPL Aromas perfumers on separate occasions and on separate programmes as a result of the worldwide programmes. A further interview is already in the diary.

Axiom will be supporting CPL Aromas in unveiling some exciting new company developments at the UK In-Cosmetics Show in London.

JEEVES – THE NAME THAT INSPIRED A LEGEND: Remembering the man and remembering the legacy

Posted on 08 July 2016

JEEVES – THE NAME THAT INSPIRED A LEGEND: Remembering the man and remembering the legacy A First World War casualty whose name was immortalized as one of the best- known characters in literature is to be honoured on the centenary of his death at the Battle of the Somme in July 1916. On 14 July 2016 the P G Wodehouse Society – of which we are keen supporters - will plant a tree in memory of Percy Jeeves, a young cricketer whose skill impressed the author P G Wodehouse, and whose name he later chose for a new short story character. That character became Wodehouse’s most famous creation, Jeeves, the all-knowing gentleman’s personal gentleman, a central character along with Bertie Wooster in some of the most popular books in the English language. The cricketer Percy Jeeves volunteered for Army service and was one of thousands killed in the assault on High Wood on 22 July 1916. His body was never found, lost in the mud and the horror of the Somme. His name is one of 72,000 inscribed on the Thiepval Monument, Jeeves’s only memorial until this centenary event. Jeeves’s name has become famous worldwide, by chance, simply because a young author on holiday happened to see him play, liked his bowling action, and remembered him when he needed the right name for a character. Jeeves never knew. He was one of 34 professional cricketers whose ‘final over’ came in the First World War – of course, one of millions killed or injured whose service is being remembered this month in the centenary commemorations of the Battle of the Somme. To join the P G Wodehouse Society, visit www.pgwodehousesociety.org.uk/ For further information about this story contact jo@axiom-uk.com

Axiom Communications’ booklet for BAMA is ‘Highly Commended’ in Trade Association Forum (TAF) Best Practice Awards

Posted on 08 July 2016

The British Aerosol Manufacturers’ Association has been awarded a special commendation, in the ‘Publication of the Year’ category at the recent Trade Association Forum (TAF) Best Practice Awards for a booklet conceived and created by Axiom Communications. The ‘Aerosols in Figures’ booklet was recognised at the 14th annual awards dinner run by TAF with Mark Durden-Smith, TV broadcaster and commentator, presenting the awards. Aerosols in Figures is a factual journal noting key facts and data about the industry. It includes a chart showing the UK sector’s filling figures covering every year since 1965, providing a fascinating record not only of a changing industry but of changing fashions and habits amongst the population. The publication carries a Foreword by the renowned environmental campaigner and Founder Director of Forum for the Future, Jonathon Porritt. The judges commented: “data heavy publications can make for a very dull read, but the design made the contents not only readable, but an enjoyable and engaging read.” We couldn’t agree more. Data was provided by BAMA and the booklet was designed by the brilliant Sue Rentoul Associates. Aerosols in Figures is available to download from the BAMA website www.bama.co.uk

BWCA Taps into Cooler Industry Goodwill for Charity

Posted on 22 March 2016

World Water Day- 22 March 2016 At its conference, trade show and annual gala dinner last week the British Water Cooler Association (BWCA) - for which BBWP is a media partner - announced its fundraising target in support of the Just a Drop Charity – and was able to exceed that target the very same day. It is fitting that on World Water Day (22 March) the water cooler industry is able to confirm that it has raised £10,328. It required just under £10,000 to be able to fund a borehole project in Kalungwishi village in Zambia. The project will provide clean drinking water for the village whose inhabitants currently have no access to clean safe water, resulting in waterborne disease striking every week. Children and women have to walk for two hours to fetch water which is unclean and unsafe. This will transform the lives of the villagers. Phillipa Atkinson-Clow, BWCA General Manager, said: “I couldn’t be more proud of my industry colleagues who gave so generously to this cause. Our members donated superb prizes to our charity auction and, thanks to them, our superb chief auctioneer Bruce Orme of Wenlock Spring and the enthusiasm of the bidders, we raised all the money – and more. “We also raised funds via a jerry can challenge during the trade show which helped demonstrate the physical challenges facing our beneficiaries in carrying large quantities of water over a distance. Other donations came via on-stand promotions at the trade show to raise money plus one off gifts through our Just Giving site and a substantial cash gift from one member”. Chairman John Dundon said: “This is the first time our members have come together in a charitable programme of this kind and it just demonstrates what a wonderfully empathetic industry this is. I consider this to be one of the most exciting developments of 2016 for the Association. It was a pleasure to have Brendan Hanlon and Louise Geoghegan from Just a Drop with us for the day and Brendan’s presentation did much to rouse interest in supporting this great cause. This is a superb example of what we, in the UK, can do to help those for whom drinking clean water is a daily challenge”. Just a Drop provides drinking water and sanitation to communities in developing countries. Just a Drop’s Head of Fundraising and Communciations, Brendan Hanlon, said: “We are so grateful to The British Water Cooler Association for this achievement. This partnership will make a positive and significant difference to the people of Kalungwishi who will now have the opportunity to access clean water. Thank you on behalf of everyone at Just a Drop.” The BWCA intends to continue raising money for Just a Drop towards a further project. To donate visit https://www.justgiving.com/BWCAaresupportingJustaDrop ends NOTES TO EDITORS About the project: In the village, Just a Drop will drill a borehole to a maximum depth of 70m and equip it with a hand pump, enabling the community to reach clean and safe water. To ensure that water will be available into the future, community-elected women and men will be trained and equipped to work together to repair and manage the water systems. Just a Drop will also provide hygiene education, to ensure people stay healthy. The benefits to the villagers: The benefits of providing the borehole and pump will be: • A healthier community – all inhabitants will be able to access clean water and will no longer be forced to drink unsafe and unclean water (the charity will record the number of incidents of water-related diseases) • As they are healthier, children will be able to spend more time at school • As there will be no need to fetch water, women will have improved productivity, spending more time following other productive pursuits, improving lives into the future • Hygiene and sanitation will improve. Just a Drop: Registered Charity No 1100505. For further information please contact the BWCA Press Office Jo Jacobius jo@axiom-uk.com 0208 347 8206 or The Just a Drop Communications Manager Seyi Newell seyi.newell@justadrop.org 020 8910 7981

Axiom sniffs out olfactory science

Posted on 05 November 2015

Axiom helped organise the fifth IFRA UK Fragrance Forum in October 2015. A bigger event than before, the annual symposium exploring the art and science of fragrance and smell, was again held at the Royal Society. ' We invited 6 brilliant speakers to take part: Dr Alex Rhys-Taylor talking about 'Smell and the City; Prof Jonathan Reinarz on 'Detecting Disease – the Pathological World of Smell'; Dr Mark Moss revealing the 'Mood Effects of Rosemary Aroma'; Tim Nancholas of Kantar Worldpanel discussing 'How Fragrance Influences Shopper Behaviour'; Lizzie Ostrom describing ‘Forgotten Fragrance Storytelling’; and Bob Fowkes, a Co-Founder of Brockmans Gin, describing his unique brand story in a talk entitled ‘Message in a Bottle’.

A Night Like No Other with Brockmans Gin

Posted on 05 November 2015

Axiom client Brockmans Gin is deliciously different and inspires creativity. Our latest activities include a competition for bar-tenders to win a place at a glamorous Barcelona party and inviting a top London chef to create some food recipes inspired by – and using – Brockmans Gin. Bar Magazine, our partner for the cocktail contest, has just announced the results, naming Mollie Atherton (22) the Winner of the Brockmans Gin / BAR magazine ‘Night Like No Other’ cocktail competition. Mollie, Head Bartender at Northcote Manor in The Ribble Valley, Lancashire, created a cocktail called ‘The Lady Austissimo’ involving coriander, berries, peppercorns and, of course, Brockmans Gin. The other winners, tying in joint second place, were Stephen McGonigle (27) of The Players Bar at The Playboy Club for his imaginatively named ‘Sin & Chronicle’ cocktail; and Dario Guaglione (29) from the Whistling Shop in London’s East End, for his ‘Unique’ cocktail. All three will be sent to a multi-sensory party where they will have a starring role, making their cocktails for an international audience. Read more here: http://barmagazine.co.uk/bartenders-win-barcelona-trip-in-brockmans-gin-competition/?utm_source=Sign-Up.to&utm_medium=email&utm_campaign=13454-342815-Bar+Weekly+News+5%2F11%2F15 Our food recipes are still under wraps but will be released soon... For more information: jo@axiom-uk.com

Fragrance steps into the gourmand’s kitchen garden

Posted on 28 August 2015

Personal fragrances are adopting a distinctly fruity, nutty and spicy theme in Autumn/Winter 2015, according to Axiom Communications’ client IFRA UK, the fragrance association. According to the experts from top fragrance houses which are members of IFRA UK, this season, our noses will be assailed by fragrances of delicious superfoods, sophisticated fruits and heady spices reminding us of a gourmand’s kitchen garden and even, in the case of one fragrance pundit, an ‘enchanted garden’. “Garden notes such as pear, raspberry and orange blossom, grapefruit and tangerine, rhubarb, lychee and quince. Strong spices are noticeable too: saffron, pepper, cardamom and sage are making an appearance in the general olfactive trends for fine fragrances in the run-up to Christmas,” says Rachel Thomas, from fragrance marketing at Robertet UK, one of IFRA UK’s members. “These fruity, gourmand notes are, however, more ‘grown-up’ than before with fragrances of salt and rum all contributing to a very contemporary feel,” adds her colleague, Heidi Envis. “Cologne is also making a come-back in the luxury perfumer market,” says Heidi, “along Chypre accords that are updated with fruity, woody and ozonic scent accords”. Selena Thomas, an expert from another IFRA UK member company, CPL Aromas, also points to the fruity, gourmand and beverage trends for fine fragrances. “Super-fruits and super-foods continue to influence beauty, personal care and fragrances,” she says. Roz Wicks, the Marketing manager within the Scent & Care division of fragrance house, Symrise UK, also emphasises that orange blossom, spices, pear and other fruits are all strong fashions this season. However, she says: “a more spicy variant for the winter season is going to be sweeter and infused with light vanilla flowers as we move into summer 2016. Roz also talks of an ‘Enchanted Garden’ theme. “We’re seeing powdery notes and soft musks alongside vintage flowers such as violet and iris which have been given a frosted and sugared spin for winter”. She also speaks of richer and sweeter citruses such as ruby grapefruit and sweet mandarin as well as seductive florals such as fiery ginger lily and rich tuberose. Selena Thomas continues: “For younger women there are sweet notes such as praline and caramel for women and unusual fruity, amber, coffee and cocoa trends for men. There is a continuing fashion for dark themes for both men and women: we are creating scents using leather, resins, incense, tobacco flower and heady florals.” Heidi Envis and Rachel Thomas agree, both noting aromatic fougeres scents for men with tangerine, almond, rum, leather and salty notes as well as floral accords. Roz Wicks also confirms the strong nutty and spicy notes that are prevalent this season. “The summer café and cocktail trend is showing no signs of slowing down with new notes for Autumn/Winter such as praline, salted vanilla, almond, coffee and caramel infused with spices and nuts such as nutmeg, cinnamon, walnut, cardamom & pepper. The gourmand factor is then pushed even further to pair up these scents with more refined and elegant notes such as bourbon, cognac, leather, whiskey and sweet tobacco flower. The strong differentiation between male and female scents is disappearing. Robertet UK has noticed a blurring of the differences and say that prestige unisex fragrances are beginning to make an impact. Rachel Thomas explains: “People are confused by the huge number of mainstream launches and are turning more and more to smaller niche perfumers for more unusual fragrance combinations. Women are enjoying woody, spicy, citrusy fragrances, sometimes with touches of leather and earthy orris (iris root), traditionally beloved of men; whilst men are experimenting with wearing floral and gourmand notes.” Oils are a major new trend for this season. Selena Thomas says “Oils have revived with these being popular for skincare and hair. Extracts derived from coconut, argan and other nut oils are being used in body care and bath & shower preparations.” In body-care, the IFRA UK experts report a switch to multi-functional products such as shower moisturising creams with strong seasonal trends. Even in the bath or shower, we aren’t leaving the kitchen behind it seems. “Scents are becoming more ‘foody’ with aromatherapy and fantasy ingredients also making an appearance,” says Rachel Thomas. People also want “skincare products that contain natural extracts but benefit from scientific research to combat, for example, pollution and all with a more contemporary fragrance palette”. IFRA UK represents fragrance houses all of whom must comply with IFRA Standard and the IFRA Code of Practice. This ensures compliance and safety of ingredients for those manufacturers using fragrances supplied by IFRA UK members. Axiom has also produced a trends report for home fragrances for Autumn Winter 2015. If you would like a copy of this forecast, please call 07850338998 or email jo@axiom-uk.com

How mint distillation just got cooler

Posted on 11 August 2015

We were fascinated to interview the Farm Manager at Sir Michael Colman’s Malshanger Farm in Hampshire recently on behalf of Axiom's client Albion Cooling Systems. Malshanger Farmmakes an array of award-winning** peppermint products. What the consumers of the tea, personal care products and mint chocolates don’t necessarily see is the sustainable nature of the business. Behind the scenes, the company wanted to ensure a sustainable means of distilling the herb oils by reusing the water needed for the process. The company called on the services of cooling systems experts, Albion Cooling Systems Ltd. Summerdwn Mint is renowned for growing Black Mitcham Mint - renowned throughout the world and known by French flavorists and perfumers as menthe Anglaise. Unusually, this farm distils its high quality single estate peppermint oil on site, to create a prized ingredient. It also grows and distils sought-after organic lavender and camomile. Farm Manager Ian Margetts, who has worked for Sir Michael for the past 33 years and has run the herb business since it started 17 years ago, explains: “Distilling relies on heating water to between 75oC-80oC. We wanted to cool the water rapidly and efficiently to 30oC so that it could be reused time and time again. Our old system had served us well but it was time to upgrade”. Albion Cooling Systems are experts in this sector and, as well as supplying towers, offer filtration equipment and also provide parts and services for most makes of cooling tower. Helping specialist distillation processing plants is a growing part of Albion’s wider business. Albion's Martin Robinson. “We’re now keen to work with more farms and distillation plants that are producing oils to specialist flavours and fragrance standards”. Describing the background to the business, Mr Margetts says: “The second World War meant that land previously dedicated to Black Mitcham Mint growing was lost to other more essential food crops. The skill and the experience was lost and so we had to start from scratch. "We do much in the way of conservation work to assist wildlife and the environment and always have done throughout my 33 years of managing this land,” he says. “Albion Cooling Systems contributed to our sustainability record by helping us re-use water that might otherwise have been wasted.” *Winner of International Beauty Awards for personal care range. *Winner of the Great Taste Awards for Summerdown Mint Peppermint Tea See the story in the following online news items: Cosmetics Business News http://www.cosmeticsbusiness.com/news/article_page/Albion_Cooling_Systems_installs_new_tower_for_Summerdown_Mint/111133 Farming UK http://www.farminguk.com/News/How-mint-distillation-just-got-cooler_36685.html Food Production on the net http://www.fponthenet.net/article/99638/How-mint-distillation-just-got-cooler.aspx For further information please contact: jo@axiom-uk.com T: 020 8347 8206

Saturday Live interview for Axiom Client

Posted on 18 May 2015

Axiom is working with Oscar-nominated make-up artist Daniel Parker to help bring his pro bono work for The World Food Programme to attention and to promote his temporary tattoos website Tattooed Now. Saturday Live on Radio Four snapped up an interview we offered with him during a fleeting visit to the UK and the interview aired last weekend (16 May 2015). In it, he says that he’s ‘a product’ of the Ben Hur chariot race which brought his parents together. His father Charles Parker was also a make-up impresario and his mother worked in continuity. Daniel Parker tells in the Saturday Live interview how Peter O’Toole shot his father in the hand at a party. http://www.bbc.co.uk/programmes/b05v6cyg#auto at 33:08” @tattooednow www.tattooednow.com For more information: Jo@axiom-uk.com or gill@axiom-uk.com

14 May 2015: Latest research shows British-sourced bottled water sector increased to 2.1 billion litres

Posted on 14 May 2015

Axiom was pleased to report, on behalf of our network British Bottled Water Producers, that British bottled water production grew to 2.1 billion litres in 2014, according to the latest industry figures. The sector has grown from 1.9 billion litres the previous year, according to the latest figures from Zenith International, to whom we are grateful for providing this exclusive data. The total value of the bottled water market in Britain has increased yet again. It is now worth over £2 billion – up from £1.7 billion in 2013. The Zenith data corroborates global research released earlier this week by Canadean. This showed that water is outstripping other soft drinks with sales of plain bottled water set to exceed those of carbonated drinks for the first time this year. This makes water the best-selling drink worldwide. The growth will propel packaged water sales to 238bn litres by the end of 2015, compared with Canadean’s forecast of 227bn litres for carbonated soft drinks, the biggest non-water soft drinks category. Water consumption appears to be part of the continuing ‘wellness’ trend. Buying British is good for Britain. It helps preserve rural jobs; supports British businesses; cuts down on food miles; and, most importantly, backs businesses which act as stewards of the countryside because natural waters must, by definition, be sourced from wholesome, unpolluted land. For natural mineral water and spring water producers in particular, the water bottlers therefore have a keen interest in preserving the natural countryside. In the decade from 1994, the total UK market including coolers has grown from 690m litres to nearly 2.6 billion litres – including imported brands. Update: The Times published this data as its Graph of the Day on 15 May 2015. For more information about British Bottled Water Producers contact membership@britishbottledwater.org Follow us on Twitter: @britishwater @jojacobius

A Taste of Brockmans Gin at The Scottish Entertainment Awards 2015

Posted on 14 April 2015

Brockmans Gin is set to help make The Scottish Entertainment & Hospitality Awards 2015 (19th April 2015) a night like no other. The glittering event in Glasgow, with 800 guests, is one of the highlights of the entertainment year in Scotland. Brockmans, often described as a ‘gin like no other’ due to its distinctive taste profile, will be served to VIPs before and after the Awards ceremony. For those who aren’t amongst those red-carpet guests, we suggested the perfect night in with the perfect serve Brockmans G&T... Brockmans Gin & Tonic with a Pink Grapefruit Twist • Pour Brockmans Gin over large ice cubes in a chilled glass • Add good quality, chilled tonic water • Add a twist of pink grapefruit peel • Finish with a garnish of fresh blueberries. Brockmans’ Marketing Director and Co-Founder, Bob Fowkes, will be awarding the prize for Scotland’s Best Late Night Venue. Bob Fowkes said: “Since our launch in Scotland, Brockmans Gin has been enormously popular. It appeals to those who seek new taste experiences. Our series of gin master-classes held in three major Scottish cities last year attracted some of the top mixologists in the trade who were inspired to create some delicious and imaginative cocktails using our gin. This distinctly after-dark gin is the perfect choice for a glittering night of entertainment and glamour.” It’s also for the perfect night in. Brockmans is priced at around RRP £31.99 a bottle. It is available from top retailers and also served at many of the best bars, restaurants and hotels. www.brockmansgin.co.uk http://entertainmentawards.co.uk For information: Jo Jacobius E: jo@axiom-uk.com T: 020 8347 8206

Team building aided by new TEAM for Charities

Posted on 14 April 2015

Axiom’s client, the charity specialist software firm, Eproductive Ltd, has launched TEAM for Charities tailored especially for the voluntary sector. Helen & Douglas House, the children’s and young adults’ hospice in Oxford, was an early adopter of TEAM and has been using the product since 2014. TEAM can be accessed anywhere, any time via PC, laptop, tablet or smartphone and provides the user with a range of web apps including videos, news, documents and personalised certificates. For a charity, staying in touch with specific groups and individuals, including volunteers and staff, is very important. TEAM offers a unique method of engaging with a wide range of stakeholders, making them even more part of the charity’s community. Sarah Preston, Client Support Manager for Eproductive Ltd, explains: “The great thing about TEAM is that, as well as sharing valuable up-to-date information, charities can ask users to provide feedback and suggestions and enables highly personalised communications”. Nick Cowls, Director and a Co-Founder of Eproductive Ltd, says: “As a company, our work with nearly 90 charity retailers has given us a unique understanding of the sector. Using our knowledge and experience, we have created TEAM specifically for charities”. Eproductive Ltd is displaying its new product, TEAM for Charities, at two exhibitions in April 2015. • Together for Short Lives conference • Hospice UK conference A new brochure is being distributed at the two events. For full details of TEAM for Charities visit Eproductive on their stand at either or both conference exhibitions or view the website: http://www.eproductive.com alternatively, call 020 7485 2500 or email info@eproductive.com For information E jo@axiom-uk.com T 0208 3478206

Axiom Communications appointed by System UVEX

Posted on 05 February 2015

One of Axiom’s very first clients was a fascinating company called System UVEX. The firm invented a clean, green method of treating the water used in cooling towers as well as in humidifiers and water features using UV light in place of a cocktail of harsh and expensive chemicals. We are thrilled and honoured to say that Axiom Communications has again been appointed to handle public relations for System UVEX. It’s clean, green, cost-effective and made in Britain so it has everything going for it. System UVEX treats water to make it safe from Legionnaires’ Disease and other waterborne bacteria and is used in some very important buildings. We’ve just completed a new brochure for the product range and we are grateful to PFM magazine and Construction National magazines for telling the story... http://www.pfmonthenet.net/search.aspx?s=system+uvex http://www.constructionnational.co.uk/new-products/2682-system-uvex-the-natural-sustainable-way-to-stop-legionnaires-disease As Dr David Bellamy, the environmental campaigner and broadcaster said, years ago: “System UVEX: it’s a great bit of kit”. Well, now it’s an even better ‘bit of kit’ and we are delighted to once again be telling people about it. jo@axiom-uk.com

Fracking - is it fracturing political parties as well as the landscape?

Posted on 26 January 2015

This article by Jo Jacobius was first published in Soft Drinks International November 2014. Fracking – or hydraulic fracturing for shale gas - is exciting strong feelings both for and against. So just what are the threats, if any, for the bottled water industry? An advertisement carried by a national newspaper claimed that fracking for UK shale gas would mean: “Decades worth of natural gas; millions of pounds in tax revenues; and lowering energy prices for millions”. The ASA found against the claims which it said were: “misleading, unsubstantiated and exaggerated”. Local government planning authorities who determine the outcome of planning applications may have financial incentives to grant licences whilst at the same time not necessarily having staff who are qualified specifically to make judgements on the impacts of fracking. One of the main arguments for the process is economic as it is argued that it will bring with it job opportunities and greater supply chain independence from Russia and other exporting countries. Yet according to some UK experts, the suggestion that shale gas is the answer to energy prices and supply is just not substantiated. In a speech to the Fracking North Conference in Manchester in September, Tony Bosworth Climate & Energy Campaigner for Friends of the Earth, said that fracking for shale gas isn’t the answer. He cited Lord Browne, chairman of Cuadrilla – the privately owned exploration and production company - as saying it “is not going to have a material impact on prices” and Lord Stern as saying that the claims are founded on “baseless economics”. He went on to explain that the European Commission has commented that the cumulative impact of fracking has “a high risk of causing local problems including water contamination, water resource use, air pollution, traffic and biodiversity”. John Blaymires, Chief Operating Officer of IGas delivered to the same Manchester conference the Exploration Industry’s perspective on the shale gas debate, suggesting that it is largely fear of the unknown that is causing concerns to be raised. He revealed that as a corporation, IGas Energy plc has an independently managed Community Fund “committed to distributing several hundred thousand pounds annually. Projects include nature reserves, playgrounds and emergency equipment for rural communities.” Paying off communities is a way forward of course but some would question whether that is really the answer. Indeed, Professor Sarah O`Hara, Pro-Vice Chancellor of the University of Nottingham, revealed at the same conference the results of a survey conducted by the University showing that, since the Balcombe protests, the public has started turning its back on the fracking industry. Support dropped from 40 per cent last summer to under 25 per cent now despite attempts by energy companies to offer the very compensation and other benefits to communities affected that IGas described. At a recent members’ General Meeting of the British Water Cooler Association, held in Coventry this autumn, industry expert Paul Thomson, Water & Environment Director of Zenith International, gave a detailed and very well-received presentation on the potential implications for the bottled water industry of hydraulic fracturing for gas. He first described how hydraulic fracturing for ‘unconventional’ (shale) gas works. “It involves a stimulation technique performed on low permeability reservoirs to increase oil and or gas flow using fluids and proppant injected at high pressure and flow rate into a reservoir to extract the gas. The fine grained rock - shale – covers some 30% of earth's surface. Horizontal drilling creates a larger zone of capture. I am not so concerned about the injection of water and proppants but by risks generated by the flowback resulting from the fracking process. The injection of water and frack fluid will be subject to controls under the UK’s commitment to the EU Groundwater Directive. Essentially the fluid must be non-hazardous to groundwater.” He tackled the question of how the gas and liquid contaminants will get to the surface. “Fracking wells will produce large volumes of ‘flowback’ which will contain hazardous substances. The management of this waste presents risks and challenges below and above ground. An abandoned borehole or a fault-line through the geological strata are two obvious pathways. If the frack well casing fails this is the most obvious means of the liquid contaminants escaping into the wider environment. Effective regulation would need to be in place to mitigate risks”. He said: “Potential fracking areas underlie groundwater systems, including those tapped into for public water supply, spring and natural mineral water sources. In large areas, there is a significant depth separation between the frackable shale rock, and groundwater aquifers which should provide protection; however this is not always the case. Natural mineral waters and spring waters are perhaps the most sensitive water sources to be at risk from fracking activities, as they are often taken from depth and cannot be treated”. Fracking will take place below Britons’ homes without their permission after ministers rejected 40,000 objections to controversial changes to trespass laws which will be subject to change allowing drilling 3kms below land with no permission from the landowner. The Government response to the consultation, concluded: “Having carefully considered the consultation responses, we believe that the proposed policy remains the right approach to underground access and that no issues have been identified that would mean that our overall policy approach is not the best available solution.” Paul Thomson said that 10-20 million litres of water is used per frack well. “The fracking fluid comprises approximately 95% water, 4.5% is sand and 0.5% is frack fluid, which in the United States has included biocide, ethylene glycol as a scale inhibitor, alcohols, sand, petroleum distillates and other chemicals. “Once injected it must come out again and the flow-back water will,” he said “contain things we don't want to see in aquifers. The main risk is not what we put in but what comes out”. Companies must first obtain a licence to explore and then must obtain planning permission for the development from the local government planning authorities. ”Clearly there will be a need for technical competence within the planning system . “There are risks which need to be addressed. Natural Mineral Waters may be drawn from greater depths than public water supply. For example, Bath thermal spring is 1.5km below ground,” said Mr Thomson, whose firm, Zenith International, is based in Royal Bath Spa. “Natural water sources should be afforded bespoke protection, which may include exclusion zones where risks are determined”. “The water cooler industry and other bottled water organisations and companies should consider the implications for this sooner rather than later”, he advised. One member of British Bottled Water Producers, The Chalice Well Trust, reminds us how precious natural water is and of the need for caution. Its Trustees says: “It is evident that the impact and effect of hydraulic fracturing on natural springs and sources of water is still uncertain. The Chalice Well Trust is responsible for the care and custodianship of the Chalice Well, an ancient holy well with iron rich spring waters situated in Glastonbury. Any potential risk of contaminating its purity or interrupting or diverting its flow is of utmost concern. Pure and natural sources of water are essential to life itself and it is therefore imperative that sufficient research is undertaken and full consideration of impact given, before any decision is made to embark on an activity for which the outcome may be irreversible.” The Green Party expresses concerns too claiming that “Unfounded support for fracking puts corporate wealth before public health” and pointing out that the impact on the countryside is far more extensive than conventional drilling. The Labour Party tabled amendments to the Infrastructure Bill in the House of Lords to tighten the existing regulations for shale gas extraction in the UK. The Conservative Party believes that shale gas offers viable opportunity for a long-term reduction in energy bills; whilst the Lib Dems support fracking as part of a mix of energy measures and a poll of Lib Dem members showed the majority support it. George Osborne's father-in-law, Lord Howell, was reported by the BBC as saying in Spring 2014 "Every time ministers open their mouths to claim that fracking must start everywhere around Britain, and not just in carefully selected and remote areas, they lose thousands of Tory votes." The jury is out on the case for or against fracking but, one things seems certain: with the General Election looming, fracturing could be something that affects not just the landscape but the political parties too. Let us have your views. Tweet @britishwater or email membership@britishbottledwater.org Jo Jacobius is Director of British Bottled Water Producers and Communications Consultant for the British Water Cooler Association. ends

The Fragrance Factor at Making Cosmetics 2015

Posted on 06 January 2015

We’re getting the year off to a fragrant start with the announcement that Axiom is working with IFRA UK to organise a half day fragrance seminar at this year’s Making Cosmetics http://www.making-cosmetics.com We will also be helping the fragrance association to organize its stand at the exhibition- a two day event taking place in Coventry on 24-25th March 2015. The International Fragrance Association UK (IFRA UK) is a trade organisation that exists to represent its members and promote the safe creation, development and enjoyment of fragrance. The Association is part of the global federation, IFRA, which works to ensure consistent standards worldwide. The Fragrance Factor seminar will comprise four sessions: • Fragrance in cosmetics - the challenges to creativity • Introducing… your great sense of smell - A fragrance workshop - an interactive, educational session considering how we interpret different scents. • Evaluation and interpreting the creative brief • Regulatory update The show takes place from24-25th March 2015 at the Ricoh Arena, Phoenix Way, Foleshill, Coventry CV6 6GE For full details of the event and to register visit www.making-cosmetics.com and for information about the benefits of IFRA UK membership visit www.ifrauk.org For media inquiries about IFRA UK please contact jo@axiom-uk.com

Axiom offers Public Relations Guidance for Trade Associations

Posted on 02 December 2014

Selecting a public relations consultancy or dealing with the media present trade organisations with very particular challenges and needs. Axiom specialises in advising trade associations and so we were very proud to be invited by The Institute of Association Management (IoAM) to produce two new Professional Guidance papers for its trade association members. The two Guidance documents cover ‘Hiring a Public Relations Consultancy’ and ‘Media Relations’. As our documents acknowledge, not all consultancies understand the very particular and special needs of trade associations and professional bodies. The importance of impartiality and member confidentiality are paramount and it is crucial that the consultancy selected to handle communications has an innate understanding of that. We know from our own work with associations just how important it is to maintain the correct balance between promoting the professionalism of the whole body of members even when sometimes showcasing particular companies within the membership. We have offered a five point plan for picking a consultancy that is right for a trade organisation and we’ve then gone onto offer some guidelines for monitoring the work and maintaining momentum. Trade Associations are so often run by a small Secretariat and so it is important to go into the process of communications understanding the commitments that need to be made by both parties. The Guidance notes are freely available to IoAM members and available on request from trade associations by contacting jo@axiom-uk.com 07850 338 998 or 020 8347 8206 Twitter @JoJacobius

Promoting membership for trade associations

Posted on 20 November 2014

Axiom Communications has just helped its client IFRA UK to write and produce a new booklet on the Benefits of Membership. Axiom works for several trade associations and a key task is that of promoting the benefits of membership of these bodies to potential members and to companies who might benefit from using a member of a respected trade body. The latest initiative is a simple pamphlet outlining the ways in which IFRA United Kingdom focuses on advancing the sector by maintaining and setting standards for those creating fragrances. It clearly outlines the key benefits of membership, showing that IFRA UK members are able to ensure that they are always in the forefront of gaining and implementing knowledge concerning regulatory and scientific matters. The booklet is therefore of interest not just to potential members of IFRA UK but to customers engaged in retailing or manufacturing finished goods as it outlines the need to ensure that suppliers are IFRA UK compliant and, therefore, rigorous in their implementation of new standards. IFRA UK – The Benefits of Membership follows the publication earlier this year of IFRA UK – Fragrance Matters which was also produced with Axiom's help. Both booklets are downloadable from the IFRA UK website http://www.ifrauk.org/index.php?s=benefits+of+membership Jo@axiom-uk.com T: 020 8347 8206 M:07850 338998 November 2014

Do you smell what I smell?

Posted on 13 October 2014

No-one else knows what your nose knows. According to Dr Darren Logan, an expert in genetics and the effects of smell, there may be much greater diversity between humans than was previously thought to be. In fact, there is no ‘true’ smell for any given odour at all. He says: “We trust our senses to provide us with information about the world around us, but is our perception an accurate representation of our external environment? By studying the genetics and neurobiology of olfaction, we and others, are discovering remarkable diversity exists in our sense of smell”. Dr Logan will be demonstrating that genetic variation in the olfactory system is unusually high when he speaks at the IFRA UK Fragrance Forum, which Axiom communications helps to organise, on 16th October 2014. He says: "I would argue that we are all olfactorily unique and that there is no ‘true’ perception of any given smell....In the near future it may be feasible to incorporate genetic information from a target group into the fragrance production process." For information: jo@axiom-uk.com

America’s only ‘Osmocurator’ sweeps into Britain

Posted on 13 October 2014

Christophe Laudamiel, Master Perfumer and the only ‘osmocurator’ accredited in the United States of America, will report on several education initiatives to bring olfaction, science and emotion into the educational world. Mr Laudamiel will be speaking at the annual IFRA UK Fragrance Forum - which Axiom Communications helps to organise - about his work on sense of smell and fragrance which he brings to elementary schools, high schools, higher education and also the general public. His session will also concentrate on presenting the Osmotheque and other initiatives from the Academy of Perfumery & Aromatics in North America. He says: “The audience will quickly fly over 2000 years of perfumery, memory and thus intelligence, smelling some landmarks scents still important in the shaping of today’s olfactory landscape and creative processes. “I love the IFRA UK summit. It is one of those very rare yet accessible events where facts, true history and true science about olfaction can be communicated or fondly absorbed”. Christophe Laudamiel is Master Perfumer at Dreamair, Osmocurator for Osmotheque. For information contact jo@axiom-uk.com

Alastair Campbell to address water cooler conference 2015

Posted on 02 October 2014

One of the top names in public and political life, Alastair Campbell, heads the bill at the forthcoming annual conference organized by Axiom client, the British Water Cooler Association. The event is to be held on 19th March 201 and is followed by the annual trade show. The announcement of the speaker for the 2015 event has been keenly anticipated by the industry following the rousing speech delivered at the 2014 BWCA conference by Lord Digby Jones. Highlights of the 2014 conference, including video podcasts, appear at www.bwca.org.uk Ends For further information please contact: Jo Jacobius jo@axiom-uk.com

Fragrance Matters – every ticket sold for The IFRA UK Fragrance Forum 2014

Posted on 02 October 2014

Fragrance matters. This is why the IFRA UK Fragrance Forum, which Axiom Communications helps to organise, is to take this as the theme of its 4th annual symposium, to be held which is coming up soon - on 16th October 2014 in London. The event, for which tickets sold out weeks before the event, has become a fixture in the fragrance industry’s calendar. Axiom has been involved in arranging the annual event since its inception four years’ ago. It will this year explore a wide range of views and share scientific and anecdotal findings on everything from the effects on those who don’t have a sense of smell to the ways in which scent, smell and fragrance will be used in criminal investigations and marketing and the latest findings on smell and human interactions. The Gold sponsors for the Forum this year are CPL Aromas and MANE, both members of IFRA UK. Silver sponsors of the event, to be held at the Royal Society in London, are Robertet UK and Symrise; and the Bronze sponsor is EFF. The speakers who will be presenting at this year’s event are: Mr Duncan Boak, founder and director of the anosmia charity, Fifth Sense whose topic will be: Smell and Emotion - the reality behind fragrance marketing. Ms Alison Davidson Department of Forensic and Crime Science within the School of Sciences at Staffordshire University speaking on the topic: Sniffing out the evidence – fragrance and forensics. Mr Christophe Laudamiel – the renowned perfumer, will describe his educational activities and the work of the Osmotheque and Academy of Perfumery. Dr Darren Logan from the Sanger Institute asking, and answering, the question: Do you smell what I smell? Ms Emmanuelle Moeglin, Mintel’s Global Fragrance & Personal Care Analyst who will speak about: Scent and technology – Innovation and the Fragrance Experience. Dr Tristram Wyatt from the Department of Zoology, University of Oxford, author of the new book Pheromones and Animal Behavior [sic] whose topic will be: Human pheromones – we need to talk. The sessions will be chaired by Jonathan Gray, Chairman of IFRA United Kingdom, Stephen Weller, Director of Communications for IFRA, and Lisa Hipgrave, Director of IFRA United Kingdom. Ends NOTES TO EDITORS Jo Jacobius +44 (0)20 8347 8206 07850338998 jo@ifrauk.org www.ifrauk.org

BAMA Announces details of 2014 Aerosol Forum & Awards

Posted on 31 July 2014

Axiom Communications' client, the British Aerosol Manufacturers’ Association (BAMA), has announced the details of its annual Forum and Awards Dinner in October 2014. The Forum and Awards are open to BAMA members only. The two-day BAMA Forum will be opened by BAMA’s Chairman, Grant Coupland, followed by an introduction to the proceedings from Dr John Morris, Chief Executive of BAMA who will also discuss the latest filling figures, the barometer of the sector’s success. The presentations will cover a wide range of topics including: Trading Standards Services by Toni Eldridge on the enforcement of the new Aerosol Dispensers Directive and the role of Trading Standards; and The Future of Aerosols: A Retailer Perspective by Clare Norman of Waitrose, a member of BAMA’s Retailer Liaison Group, who will consider the effects of legislative changes. The sixth annual BAMA Awards will recognise and promote the high standards in the UK aerosol industry and will be presented at a gala dinner where the guest speaker is to be Barry Cryer OBE. Details are on the BAMA website www.bama.co.uk For further information please contact jo@axiom-uk.com or gill@axiom-uk.com

Free guide published on setting up a bottled water plant

Posted on 31 July 2014

It’s the time of year when many people who are fortunate enough to find a water source on their land toy with the idea of setting up a bottled water plant but don’t know how to go about it. It’s more difficult and more expensive than many people think and so, to provide some helpful basic guidelines, British Bottled Water Producers which is run by Axiom Director, Jo Jacobius, has published a Fact Sheet called simply: Setting up a bottled water plant. It has been produced in association with Zenith International. The guide covers the types of water as defined under the Regulations and describes very simply which waters may be subjected to treatment and which authorities to consult in order to proceed with applications for planning and licensing. It points out that the cost of establishing a reasonable sized bottling plant is at least £2million. The story appears in http://www.foodbev.com/opinion/how-to-set-up-a-bottled-water-plant#.U9tfwbHGvwl http://www.foodbev.com/opinion/how-to-set-up-a-bottled-water-plant#.U9tfwbHGvwl and in Just Drinks http://www.just-drinks.com/the-just-drinks-blog/ive-got-the-brains-youve-got-the-water-lets-make-lots-of-money_id2260.aspx The Fact Sheet is free to download and is posted here... http://www.britishbottledwater.org/become-a-member.asp For further information contact membership@britishbottledwater.org or jo@axiom-uk.com

British-sourced bottled water sector now 1.9 billion litres, latest data shows

Posted on 20 May 2014

British bottled water production grew to 1,194 million litres (1.9bn) in 2013, the latest figures show. The total value of the bottled water market in Britain has increased yet again - to £1.7 billion compared with £1.6 in the previous year - according to British Bottled Water Producers. Bottled water holds a significant share of the soft drinks industry in the UK and sales in this country of locally-produced waters continue to account for an enormous proportion of the total: according to the latest figures from Zenith International, 1,120 million litres of UK-produced bottled water were consumed in the UK in 2013. In total, UK production was 1.9 billion litres. In just under ten years (1994 - end 2013) the UK total UK bottled water market, including water coolers and imported waters, has grown from just 690 million litres to just over 2.3 billion litres, says Zenith International. UK bottled water consumption per person exceeded 37 litres in 2013, up from 34 litres in 2012 and 26.9 litres in 2001. Sales of still water continue the recent trend of out-stripping sparkling water with still water now accounting for around 85%. Natural Mineral Water accounts for 60% of the UK market; Spring Water accounts for 32%; Bottled drinking waters (ie. so-called ‘table’ waters) account for 6%; whilst Purified waters have a 2% share.. British Bottled Water Producers, which is run by Axiom’s Jo Jacobius, now has 14 member brands: Belu, Brecon Carreg, Celtic Vale, Chalice Well Water, Hatterall Ridge, Iceni Waters, Llanllyr Source, Princes Gates Spring Water, Shepley Spring, Blue Keld, Love Water, Swithland Spring, Wenlock Spring and Wingham Well Spring. For details of these and links visit http://www.britishbottledwater.org/best-of-british.asp Ends *BBWP would like to thank Zenith International for providing the research data. For further information: jo@axiom-uk.com Follow @britishwater on Twitter

Speakers announced for the IFRA UK Fragrance Forum 2014

Posted on 01 May 2014

‘Fragrance matters’ - which is why Axiom Client, IFRA UK, is taking this as the theme for this year’s Fragrance Forum to be held on 16th October 2014 in London. The Forum will explore a wide range of views and share scientific and anecdotal findings on everything from the effects on those who don’t have a sense of smell to the ways in which scent, smell and fragrance will be used in criminal investigations and marketing and the latest findings on smell and human interactions. The key sponsors will be the perfume houses CPL Aromas and Mane, both members of IFRA UK. We are delighted that the speakers who will be presenting at this year’s event are: Mr Duncan Boak, founder and director of the charity for smell and taste disorder sufferers, Fifth Sense, whose topic will be: Smell and Emotion - the reality behind fragrance marketing. Ms Alison Davidson Department of Forensic and Crime Science within the School of Sciences at Staffordshire University speaking on the topic: Sniffing out the evidence – fragrance and forensics. Mr Christophe Laudamiel – the renowned perfumer, will describe his educational activities and the work of the Osmotheque and Academy of Perfumery. Dr Darren Logan from the Sanger Institute asking, and answering, the question: Do you smell what I smell? Ms Emmanuelle Moeglin, Mintel’s Global Fragrance & Personal Care Analyst who will speak about: Scent and technology – Innovation and the Fragrance Experience. Dr Tristram Wyatt from the Department of Zoology, University of Oxford, author of the new book Pheromones and Animal Behavior [sic] whose topic will be: Human pheromones – we need to talk. For information: jo@ifrauk.org www.ifrauk.org

Brockmans Gin Wins Double Gold at USA’s WSWA Awards

Posted on 14 April 2014

Just two months after its introduction to the U.S. market, Axiom Communications’ client Brockmans Gin, the super-premium gin, has won a Double Gold Award at the 2014 Annual Wine & Spirits Wholesalers of America (WSWA)* Convention and Exposition. This is the biggest annual gathering of industry leaders in the USA. Competition is tough in The Spirits Tasting Competition and amongst only four gins earning the title this year, Brockmans was the only new-style gin to achieve the accolade. The Spirits Tasting Competition at WSWA is sponsored by The Tasting Panel magazine and was scored by a panel of judges in the trade ranging from bartenders to bar managers, owners and buyers. The award was given during the 71st Annual WSWA Convention, held in Las Vegas. www.brockmansgin.com. http://www.wswaconvention.org/isotope_category/competitions/ ends For information please contact Jo Jacobius E jo@axiom-uk.com

Water Cooler Market achieves growth for first time since 2007, research reveals

Posted on 04 April 2014

Axiom Communications was pleased to be involved in the British Water Cooler Association's annual conference where the keynote speech was a rousing presentation from Lord Digby Jones Kt., who is to present a new three part BBC 2 TV series, the New Troubleshooter, launching on Thursday 10th April 2014. The conference also heard the latest data from Zenith International which revealed that this is the first time the total cooler base - including both mains fed or Point of Use (POU) and Bottled Water (BW) Coolers - has grown since 2007, according to figures released at the annual conference of the British Water Cooler Association on 3 April 2014. The total number of cooler units grew by 0.8% according to Iva Hatzold, a Market Consultant from Zenith International, who was one of the speakers at the conference, where the keynote speaker was Lord Digby Jones. The total market (POU and BW combined) stood at 668,000 units in 2013. Addressing over 120 delegates, Ms Hatzold revealed that the value of the UK cooler market stood at £112 million, compared with £109million reported by Zenith International for the previous year (2012). Bottled Water Coolers The Bottled Water cooler sector remains in decline in terms of units installed but the good news for the industry is that this decline is less than in previous years. In addition to that, water sales via coolers increased by 1.8%. Ms Hatzold said: “We didn’t expect it to perform as well. This is attributable to the good summer weather. During the summer months there was markedly increased volume of consumption. Once people were in the habit companies reported strong sales even after the good summer ended. This highlights yet again how important summer weather is to the sector”. With the Met Office predicting last week that Britain could expect hotter summers in future, this combined with the market research findings, will be viewed by the industry as positive. The researchers had expected a continued decline for BW coolers but the value of the sector grew as a result of the increase of water volumes. There is an upward trend both for BW rental and pack prices, so this is very good news for the BW sector. Respondents reported increased consumption of BW at construction sites, perhaps reflecting a recovery in the economy and the building sector in particular. The public and private sectors recovered differently: there was greater recovery in the private sector, according to Ms Hatzold. POU – Point of Use Water Coolers There was a continued slow-down in the mains-fed or POU sector with 2% growth in terms of number of machines compared with 4% in 2012. The data shows there were fewer dispensers installed in 2013 than in the previous year. This is accounted for by SMEs (small and medium sized enterprises) choosing to install BW coolers as they find them easier to install and more flexible to use. Two market sectors bucking this trend are retailers and hair & beauty salons. Both seem keen to improve the customer experience but, possibly due to lack of storage space for bottles, they have been choosing to install POU machines. This is viewed as a growth area, albeit from a very low base, as retail has traditionally been the smallest segment of the total market with around 1% of sales in this area in 2013.. Although the POU segment’s market share has increased slightly y.o.y., rental and sales prices have continued to decline. Iva Hatzold says: “Even with the increased number of installations, overall revenue has declined. Price wars continue, especially in the public sector, as POU prices are now very low. The result is that POU companies rely on the service they offer as a main revenue stream”.* The office sector remains the biggest segment of the POU market with nearly 65% of the overall market; institutions come 2nd with 21% of the share. The segments with room for growth are domestic (1%) and retail (1%). Overall observations People are moving from BW to POU but this trend has reduced compared with previous years. Customers are shopping around, often moving from one POU supplier to another POU supplier with decisions based purely on price. The large companies tend to offer more competitive prices especially when selling to large customers. Smaller water cooler companies tend to target smaller businesses, according to Zenith International. Domestic Bottled Water cooler sales remains limited and account for just 1% of sales overall. Explaining this, Iva Hatzold says: “Logistical problems are the main barrier. Companies seem to be giving up on this area or at least they are not talking about it. No-one has satisfactorily solved the issue of convenient deliveries for the majority of householders”. In response, BWCA Chairman John Dundon, said: “We thank Iva Hatzold and the Zenith team for revealing the data to us. Let’s hope for another good summer as this plays such an important role not just in immediate sales but, as we have heard, in encouraging a healthy hydration trend that continues long after the sun has gone down.” The BWCA conference and trade show was held at the Nottingham Belfry. Its sponsors were: Angel Springs, Pureflo, Fillongley Spring, Crystal Mountain and 4 Aces. *The value data refers only to sales and rental of machines as well as water sales. Peripherals such as cups and services such as sanitisation are not included in the data. www.bwca.org.uk NOTES TO EDITORS For further information, interviews or images please contact Jo Jacobius BWCA Press Office c/o Axiom Communications T 02083478206 M 07850338998 E jo@axiom-uk.com

What ho, Wogan!The P G Wodehouse Society announces new President

Posted on 18 February 2014

As a proud member of The P G Wodehouse Society (UK) it was with great delight that Jo Jacobius was called upon to help announce the news that Sir Terry Wogan KBE, DL is to become the Society’s new President. Sir Terry, a lifetime lover of Wodehouse's works, succeeds Richard Briers CBE, who died a year ago. The news broke in The Times Diary today (18 February 2014).http://www.thetimes.co.uk/tto/news/uk/article4008557.ece?CMP=OTH-gnws-standard-2014_02_17 Sir Terry said he was "delighted and honoured to become the keeper of the flame so nobly borne by the late Richard Briers, the greatest Bertie Wooster of them all." He hoped that "the wise spirit of Jeeves would sustain him in his effort to be a worthy President of the Society that honours his literary idol, P G Wodehouse." The P G Wodehouse Society http://www.pgwodehousesociety.org.uk is a UK-based literary society with around 1000 members drawn to the Society from all walks of life by their love of Wodehouse's works. The Society has members from around the world and is affiliated with numerous other Wodehouse groups and associations. Through over 90 books, P G Wodehouse brought his readers into the worlds of the inimitable Jeeves and Wooster, Lord Emsworth and his beloved Empress of Blandings, and many others. "After the sad loss last year of Richard Briers, we were thrilled when Sir Terry agreed to be our new President," said Hilary Bruce, Chairman of The P G Wodehouse Society (UK). "He was a natural choice for the Society because, as well as his love for Wodehouse's work, he absolutely embodies its benevolent charm”. For the full story click on the online version For more information and images: Jo Jacobius 02083478206 jo@axiom-uk.com

Brockmans Gin to export to the USA

Posted on 05 February 2014

Brockmans Gin to export to the USA Axiom Client, Brockmans Gin, is to begin exporting to the United States of America after New Yorkers named Brockmans as their preferred gin in a blind taste test. The move comes shortly after Brockmans launched an art film inspired by the brand http://www.youtube.com/brockmansgin Initially, Brockmans will be sold in New Jersey and Boston. In preparing for the USA launch, Brockmans carried out a blind taste test in a bar in New York amongst customers who were gin-drinkers. 63% of the sample preferred Brockmans to the other two brands tested. The company reported record UK growth of 40% y.o.y. in 2013. Sales are also buoyant in Brockmans’ other major European market, Spain, where the brand continues to grow at a rate of 32% y.o.y. reflecting the overall company growth figure for the twelve month period http://www.thespiritsbusiness.com/2014/02/brockmans-gin-to-launch-in-the-us/ http://www.just-drinks.com/news/ginuine-takes-brockmans-gin-to-massachusetts-new-jersey_id112705.aspx For information please contact: Jo Jacobius Brockmans Press Office jo@axiom-uk.com Tel: 020 8347 8206 or 07850338998

Making Cosmetics 2014

Posted on 08 January 2014

IFRA UK to attend Making Cosmetics 2014 25-26th March 2014 Ricoh Arena, Phoenix Way, Foleshill, Coventry CV6 6GE Stand No. 122 Axiom client, IFRA UK, is for the first time exhibiting at the Making Cosmetics http://www.making-cosmetics.com event taking place in Coventry on 25-26th March 2014. The International Fragrance Association UK (IFRA UK) is a trade organisation that exists to represent its members and promote the safe creation, development and enjoyment of fragrance. The Association is part of the global federation, IFRA, which works to ensure consistent standards worldwide. IFRA UK’s aim in attending Making Cosmetics is to improve understanding amongst buyers, retailers and manufacturers of the importance of using fragrances created by a member of IFRA UK to ensure compliance, safety and standards. For information Jo Jacobius 020 8347 8206 07850338998 jo@axiom-uk.com

Book launch: Shrinking the News: Headline stories on the couch

Posted on 27 November 2013

Axiom Communications is once again working with the publisher, Karnac. The latest book, ‘Shrinking the News – Headline stories on the couch’ tackles those often unanswered questions behind the headlines. Questions asked by editors, political commentators and financial journalists frequently point to issues at the very core of the news, but rarely do we feel satisfied with the answers. A new book - Shrinking the News: Headline stories on the couch by Dr Coline Covington - offers eye-opening answers to the fascinating questions about headline stories and the people behind them. The ‘why’ and ‘how’ of so many stories which hit the headlines are of course subject to a ready explanation: the causes are often human foibles and weaknesses, greed and fear, madness and sadness, which can only be truly explained by a trained psychoanalyst. Shrinking the News is an insightful collection of articles by the psychoanalyst, Dr Coline Covington, based on her published commentaries on major news items. She says: “I select what to write when I see a psychological story behind the news story.” The book also highlights what we are missing when we read the news and how much a psychological commentary helps us to understand what is going on around us at a deeper level. The articles in the book first appeared in The Week online, for which Coline Covington continues to write a regular column. For more information, Jo Jacobius 020 8347 8206 07850 338 998 jo@axiom-uk.com

Bomb your children with love not gifts – Axiom promotes Oliver James

Posted on 15 November 2013

Axiom Communications was pleased to arrange for the psychologist Oliver James, one of Karnac Publishing’s authors, to appear on Radio 4’s You & Yours this week. http://www.bbc.co.uk/programmes/p01lj230 Having promoted several other excellent Karnac books, we were thrilled to be appointed by Karnac to help draw attention to Oliver James’ guidance for parents, “Love Bombing”. Drawing on the case studies in the book and feedback from parents, Oliver spoke to Winifred Robinson of You & Yours about his view that society is filled with a 'credit fuelled bunch of consumer junkies' advising that instead of allowing children to be overwhelmed with mountains of unwanted Christmas presents, the best guidance was to really understand what your children really want and ask friends and relations to contribute funding to something that will really matter to the recipients – ballet lessons or a new bicycle for instance.

The IFRA UK Fragrance Forum 2013

Posted on 25 October 2013

The IFRA UK Fragrance Forum 2013 Axiom Communications helped client IFRA United Kingdom to stage is its third annual Fragrance Forum on 17 October 2013 at The Royal Society in London. The all-day event, whose main sponsor was fragrance house Seven Scent, took as its theme ‘The Psychology of Fragrance' and answered such fascinating questions as “the brain knows what the nose knows... but does the mind?” For a summary of the speeches by top academics and industry professionals visit http://www.ifrauk.org/ifrauk_fragrance_forum_2013/

BWCA announces Lord Digby Jones is to speak at 2014 Annual Conference & Trade Show Thursday 3 April 2014

Posted on 11 October 2013

Lord Digby Jones is to be the keynote speaker at the annual water cooler conference in Spring, 2014, Axiom client,The British Water Cooler Association (BWCA), has announced. The conference and trade show will be held on Thursday 3 April 2014 at The Nottingham Belfry near Nottingham. Lord Digby Jones - one of the biggest names in politics and business – is former Director General of the CBI and a former Minister of State for UK Trade & Investment. He was knighted in 2005 and is to become a TV trouble-shooter hosting a BBC2 series examining the state of the British manufacturing industry. http://www.digbylordjones.com/digby-jones-set-to-present-bbc-series-on-the-british-manufacturing-industry.html For details and booking forms go to www.bwcaorg.uk For the full press release contact jo@axiom-uk.com

UK Aerosol Filling Figures Up by 5%

Posted on 11 October 2013

The UK aerosol industry filling figures for 2012 have risen for the third successive year. The latest figures, released by Axiom for its client, BAMA (the British Aerosol Manufacturers’ Association), show a year-on-year increase of 5% - up from 1394.4 million units filled in 2011 to 1464.7 million units in 2012. www.bama.co.uk For full details contact jo@axiom-uk.com or gill@axiom-uk.com 0208 347 8206

HCA and Durkan help Get Croydon Building in a £20m scheme

Posted on 11 October 2013

A significant development site in Croydon which was stalled since 2006 has been unlocked and is HCA and Durkan help Get Croydon Building in a £20m schemenow under development as a result of the Get Britain Building 2 initiative. Over half the properties within what will be a £20 million development are affordable, shared ownership or private for-rent dwellings. The scheme, which has been made possible thanks to £4.5 million from the Mayor of London and the Homes & Communities Agency (HCA), will create 98 new homes in Scarbrook Road, Croydon and is now under construction by Durkan. Accepted as part of the Get Britain Building 2 initiative, the site was acquired by Scarbrook Road Developments LLP* as a speculative purchase in 2006 but the redevelopment plans were halted for a mixture of reasons, including the deep financial recession and bank funding challenges. Planning permission was granted only in September 2010 and is being hailed by Durkan and others as a prime example of the way in which Get Britain Building can act as a catalyst to kick-start challenging schemes. Construction has commenced, with an anticipated completion date of March 2015. The land was previously the site of the Croydon Business Centre. For the full story contact jo@axiom-uk.com 020 8347 8206

The Psychology of Fragrance

Posted on 11 October 2013

The Psychology of Fragrance Top perfumers, academics and other industry professionals will gather together next Thursday for the IFRA UK Fragrance Forum at The Royal Society exploring the theme ‘the Psychology of Fragrance’. The full-day event, the third annual symposium of its kind, is to be held on 17 October 2013 at The Royal Society in London and speakers include distinguished academics and industry professionals. It is sponsored by Seven Scent and Axiom Communications works with IFRA UK to help organise and promote the occasion. The first of three sessions will consider Fragrance – the invisible difference and addressing this topic are Dr Craig Roberts from Stirling University whose topic is ‘Body odour in biological perspective’ and marketer, Debbie Brunt of PZ Cussons on ‘Understand consumers: stepping into their shoes’. The second session, Product development and the battle of the senses will include Dr Anne Churchill, Head of Global Sensory at Givaudan Fragrance Division, speaking about the ‘The Multi-Sensory Approach to Product Design’; and Professor Francis McGlone from the School of Natural Sciences & Psychology at Liverpool John Moores University and Visiting Professor at the University of Liverpool who believes that olfaction is the most important of our five senses, hence his subject heading of ‘Your brain knows what your nose knows, but does the mind?’ The final topic of the day, Synchronisation of sensory signals will be tackled by Professor Charles Spence, Head of the Crossmodal Research Laboratory based at the Department of Experimental Psychology at Oxford University whose presentation is called ‘From perception to design’; with the final speaker of the day is Peter Noorkoiv, Director of advertising and marketing agency, Craftwork Marketing on ‘Two drams and a dab. A fusion of scent and brand’. For further details contact jo@axiom-uk.com

Durkan wins contracts worth £62 million

Posted on 11 July 2013

Durkan has secured residential construction projects in and around London worth over £62 million. The six contracts are in Hillingdon, Lambeth, Ealing, Greenwich and Croydon. Between them, the schemes, some of which are mixed use, will provide over 280 new dwellings, including live work units. Durkan, part of the Durkan Group whose turnover last year increased to £137m, is an established community contractor which was launched over forty years ago. Daren Nathan, Durkan’s Development Director, said: “We pride ourselves on the quality and sense of community we bring to our work, whether this be refurbishment or new-build, social or private housing. The portfolio of projects we are announcing now will deliver imaginative and well-constructed new homes and commercial space across the South and West of London contributing strongly to London’s need for high quality, well-constructed housing”. See http://www.building.co.uk/news/durkan-picks-up-£62m-london-housing-contracts/5057491.article and for the full story click here http://app.prmax.co.uk/v/p/29031/view

Introducing Brockmans, a gin like no other

Posted on 02 July 2013

One of the newest drinks to launch is Brockmans Gin, which has been described as ‘a gin like no other’. Brockmans was developed by a group of four people with a passion for gin and a vision for something truly different. Axiom Communications is helping the brand with consumer and trade media campaigns. A 40% ABV gin made in England, Brockmans has all the hallmarks of a super-premium gin distilled using quality botanicals from around the world. This rounded yet unusual flavour profile appeals to traditional gin drinkers but also offers something rather new and special to the more adventurous amongst us. Brockmans Gin brims with botanicals and with berries that make it a very different gin taste experience. The over-riding flavour profile that makes Brockmans so unique is derived from an intriguing and unique bond of flavours created from ingredients drawn from across Europe. The top note of Bulgarian Coriander has an aromatic, gingery orange flavour, which marries beautifully with the softer, more rounded harmonies of blueberries and blackberries and the middle note created by Juniper Berries from Tuscany. This inspired combination, together with the dry, bitter sweet peel of Valencian oranges, elongates the deeper tones and serve to give Brockmans an intensely smooth, memorable taste. It can be served neat on the rocks; mixed as a Bramble (see recipe below); or served as a Martini. However, for a classic G&T, Brockmans worked with experts to find the recipe for the perfect serve: pour Brockmans Gin over large ice cubes, pour in good quality, chilled tonic water, add a twist of pink grapefruit peel and finish with a garnish of fresh blueberries. Bob Fowkes is a Director of Brockmans and one of the founders who developed the gin. He says: “New though it is, Brockmans is already been served in some of the UK’s best bars, hotels and restaurants. Whilst unmistakably a gin, because its flavour profile is so very different from anything else, it has even converted some previously confirmed non-gin imbibers.”. Brockmans is easily recognised by its distinctively stylish black bottle with flourishing white and red Baroque-style logo, making this an after-dark drink that will be enjoyed as much for its luxurious looks as it does for its distinctive, contemporary flavour profile. For more information Jo@axiom-uk.com

Axiom helps BWCA explain benefits of healthy hydration

Posted on 02 July 2013

Axiom Communications has worked with the British Water Cooler Association (BWCA) to produce a suite of healthy hydration fact sheets. Designed for employers in specific sectors, the one page fact sheets are designed to act as reminders of the importance of healthy hydration for employees, whilst offering guidance on choosing a suitable water cooler to deliver safe, convenient hydration. The first four fact sheets are for managers and administrators in schools, the building sector, the public sector and the catering & foodservice industries. Topics covered include workplace law, the effects of dehydration, the benefits of water and choosing a water cooler supplier. Phillipa Atkinson-Clow, the BWCA’s General Manager, said: “Workplace hydration is essential and the most convenient means of delivering healthy hydration is via a water cooler. However our message to employers is also that, when choosing a cooler supplier, they have a guarantee of best practice if they selected a BWCA accredited company”. To receive a copy email info@bwca.org.uk specifying which fact sheet you require. The Facts About... Healthy Hydration for Children The Facts About... Healthy Hydration for Construction Workers The Facts About... Healthy Hydration for the Public Sector The Facts About... Healthy Hydration for the Foodservice Sector For further information or copies of the fact sheets please contact: Jo Jacobius T: 020 8347 8206 M: 07850338998 S: jojacobius jo@axiom-uk.com

British Bottled Water sector grows to £1.6bn

Posted on 18 April 2013

British bottled water has enjoyed another year of growth, with the UK market in 2012 worth £1.6 billion, according to the trade association British Bottled Water Producers, which is administered by Axiom Communications. This compares with £1.5 billion the previous year. The data, provided by research experts, Zenith International, shows that total UK bottled water production in 2012 was 1,627 million litres of which 1,557 million litres was consumed in this country. Between 1993 and 2011, the total UK bottled water market (including water coolers), has grown from just 580 million litres to 2.14 billion litres. This means that average annual per capita consumption of water in the UK is 34 litres, leaving much opportunity for growth when compared with other countries: in the USA the average per capita consumption last year was around twice that of Britons - 67 litres. Natural mineral waters continue to be the preferred choice, accounting for 62% of the UK market. Spring water accounts for 31% with ‘table’ waters making up 6% and purified water 2% of the total for packaged waters, both home-produced and imported. Still water continues to outstrip sparkling water, as it has done for many years, with 86% of water sold being still as against sparkling with 14%. Jo Jacobius, Director of both Axiom and of British Bottled Water Producers, said: “Bottled water holds a significant share of the soft drinks industry in the UK. As a nation we now drink more bottled water than fruit juices, nectars, wine or spirits. The long term growth in bottled water consumption shows that, given the dire weather in the past year, consumer interest in healthy hydration is the key driver of sales”. www.britishbottledwater.org ends NOTES TO EDITORS For further information: Jo Jacobius 020 8347 8206 jo@axiom-uk.com Date of issue: April 2013

Axiom appointed by Brockmans Gin

Posted on 04 March 2013

Axiom Communications has just been appointed to handle communications for Brockmans Gin. Created only recently, Brockmans Gin is a 40% ABV super-premium, English-made gin, this is described as a gin like no other. Brockmans is already available in Spain, Germany, Switzerland and in top bars, hotels and restaurants in the UK as well as in a small number of UK retail stores. The top note of Bulgarian Coriander has an aromatic, gingery orange flavour, which marries beautifully with the softer, more rounded harmonies of blueberries and blackberries and the middle note created by Juniper Berries from Tuscany. This inspired combination, together with the dry, bitter sweet peel of Valencian oranges, elongates the deeper tones and serve to give Brockmans an intensely smooth, memorable taste. www.brockmansgin.com

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