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Trade Associations and Inward Marketing Boards

Challenges for trade association communications
Most public relations consultancies just don't know how trade associations work. And even fewer can confidently get to grips with scientific, health and sustainability matters as well as the generic challenges.

That's where Axiom Communications comes in. We've worked with cleaning products, aerosols, dried fruits, wines, fashion & design, waters, confectionery... and as well as our UK campaigns, countries as diverse as Australia, Israel, USA and Spain.

Our services include:

  • Stopping the rot (rebuttals)
  • Spread the word (promoting the positives)
  • Winning the debate (managing issues and preventing misperceptions)
  • Providing the evidence (sound science)

    Click here to read our pdf brochure about our capabilities.

    Trade Associations - a science not just an art
    We help industries dispel confusion with sound science and hard facts - so that audiences can focus on the real issues that determine safety, sustainability and excellence. We are adept at conveying complex science in accessible language in a way that doesn't dumb down or render the science inaccurate. And we work closely with industry experts to find the telling insights and winning arguments that make the science really hit home. The Axiom team has an independent scientific consultant who can advise on complex scientific issues.