Getting the nation hydrated and back to work
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Getting the nation hydrated and back to work

Getting the nation hydrated and back to work

Axiom has worked with the drinking water sector over many years, and so we were delighted to be asked by the recently formed Water-Dispenser & Hydration Association (the WHA) to create a suite of guidance notes on issues surrounding water dispensers as many workers get back to the workplace after furlough.

The WHA is the leading trade association representing and auditing companies operating in the sector. Whilst the traditional ‘chat around the water cooler’ isn’t possible due to the need for social distancing, the WHA’s Marketing Committee and management team recognised the need to provide communications designed to dispel concerns and answer any health questions affecting those returning to work and those who manage workplaces.

We produced a simple fact sheet for use by front-line staff delivering water or technical services to customers and those in customer centres backed up by detailed guidance notes in response to specific issues around cooler and dispenser safety and hygiene. The notes reminded people of the importance of hydration, especially at this time when maintaining optimum health is so important. The notes are available exclusively to WHA Members.
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